A few updates and such

This will be a quick(ish) update since I need to go to bed soon so that I can actually get up tomorrow morning. I also have a lot of photos to post, but I am being lazy/tired right now, and will also do that later.

I thought the best way to do a quick rundown of the updates I have (which I actually have a fair amount, even though I’ve only been here 3 days so far) is with a bulleted list:

  • I have decided that how far my baby curls stick straight up will serve as a personal barometer.
  • I have realized that when I speak Arabic 1) I speak with a lot of “ahhhs,” “ehhhs,” and “oohs,” which I think I’ve probably picked up from my host family
  • Also, I speak very loudly when I talk in Arabic. Like today when I told my host mom that TOMORROW I WILL GET A MOROCCAN PHONE.
  • I think I am tiring my host family with my poor Arabic. Yesterday, Najah, the youngest sister, just put her head in her hands after a while of trying to converse with me. Can’t say that I blame her. But today Najah helped me with Arabic and I helped her with English. Also she taught me how to say “I’m full,” which will definitely be useful.
  • Speaking of which, I have figured out the Moroccan eating schedule: breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner dinner at around 6 or 7 (usually sweets and tea,) and then dinner-dinner at around 10 or 11.
  • I had my first day of orientation for Middlebury in Morocco. It turns out there are only 6 people in the program, 2 Wellesley students (including myself) and 4 Middlebury students.
  • My host mom took me on the tram this morning to show me how to get to the university. She kept saying that she was my mama and I was a preschooler. Not an untrue statement.
  • Regardless, I know the way now and successfully managed to get back on my own. The trams here are super nice, super clean, and always on time. American public transportation should take note.
  • In addition to language skills and cultural fluency, another skill I need to acquire is crossing the street. Because the cars will not stop for you.

Here is one photo from last night:


My host cousin/nephew (??) is the green blur in the remote controlled car. Several little kids in these electric kiddie cars zipping around and frequently crashing into each other was one of the most entertaining scenes I have ever seen. There was also a kid on roller blades that occasionally latched onto the back of one of these cars, just for good measure.


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